Packing Guides

Your Sea Freight Packing Guide for safe and secure shipping.

International shipping via sea is a long process which requires extensive care on your item. At Kaybix Kargo, we took pride in handling our cargo so that the our clients received their items in a safe conditions. Unless you opt for private container, most of the items we shipped are on container sharing basis. Thus, it is crucial for you to pack your items carefully so that they will arrived safely at the designated destination.

To help you out, follow this guide for a safe and secure shipping so that you can be at ease.

Couples having lunch while packing


To ensure the safety of your items during the whole process of the shipment, please ensure that you use heavy duty or double walled boxes. The recommended boxes are as follows:

  • Wrap and Move Heavy Duty Tea Chest 104L from Bunning Warehouse
  • Wrap and Move Heady Duty Tea Chest 52L from Bunning Warehouse

Please be informed that we are providing budget service with minimal cost, thus we practice container sharing for smaller volumes in cubic meters. The items from multiple customers will be stacked together in a single container from top to bottom. Thus, it is necessary for the customer to ensure that the items to be delivered are well-packed. Please use foam of bubble wrap for fragile items in the box. We are not responsible for poorly-packed items unless you opted to our packing service.


In compliance with the Occupational Safety and Hazard (OSHA), and to ensure the well-being of our crews, it is important for customers ensure that the per-box weight does not exceed 20kg. The minimum cargo shipment that we accept for each customer is 1 cubic meter. Based on trucking conversion, 1 cubic is worth to 160kg.


It is recommended that you do your own measurements before shipping with us. However, our crews in Australia and Malaysia will do the final measurements after receiving your freight.


It is recommended that you provide sufficient wrapping to your furniture especially the edges and surfaces. It is also recommended that you remove any easily-detachable parts of your furniture before shipping to avoid possible damages during transit.